Care Instructions

Tv Unit, Display Cabinet, Center Table, Coffee Table, Console Table, Bed, Bed Side Table, Chest of Drawer, Mirror Table, Mirror Frame, Wardrobe, Dining Table, Kitchen Sideboard, Bar Chair, Shoe Rack, Partition.

  • Try to use a table cloth or any thick quality cloth to cover your dining table or any other table which is subject to your daily use.
  • Don’t keep warm or cold objects directly on the furniture surface, instead use a hot pad or coasters.
  • To protect your furniture from fading, avoid keeping your furniture next to windows and other places where it can be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • To avoid slight scratches which may damage the finish of your furniture, do not slide or pass crockery placed on your table top.
  • Avoid placing burning candles or any hot iron on furniture as the heat generated from them may affect the life of your furniture. Make use of candle holders to avoid melting wax touching the furniture top.
  • Cleaning your furniture items regularly will help you maintain them for a long time. Make sure that you clean your furniture only with a soft and dry cloth.

Sofa, Dining Chair with Back Cushion, Sofa cum Bed, Chairs

  • As dust and dirt cause upholstery to wear faster, we recommend that you regularly vacuum with an upholstery attachment.
  • Flip and fluff removable cushions regularly to ensure even wear and increase long life.
  • To minimize fading, we recommend placing your upholstered pieces where they won’t be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • An annual professional cleaning will keep your upholstery looking its best.
  • For spot cleaning, use a cleaning product that corresponds with your fabric’s cleaning code. Test any cleaner in an inconspicuous area first. Never use spot cleaners containing bleach or alcohol.
  • Do not dry clean or machine wash cushion casings as it may damage the fabric, backing or stitching.